Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a rental car?

We've given you more options to book with Avis!

Online, Mobile

App*: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone


Telephone: (876) 926-8021

Toll Free from the USA: 1-800-348-5398

*Avis app currently available for download in select countries.

Is there a charge to book a rental car?

No. Reservations are 100% free of charge. You pay for your rental car at the Avis counter.

What insurance options does Avis Jamaica offer?

Protections & Coverages

Renters may purchase waivers that reduce the financial liability for loss or damage to the Avis car as long as they comply with the terms of the Avis rental agreement.

The following options are available:

Option 1: Partial Damage Waiver (P.D.W.)

As its name suggests, the P.D.W. reduces the renter's liability partially. Please refer to the table below for cost and liability details. The liability amount, along with the rental amount, is usually guaranteed by a major credit card.

Vehicle Category Daily Cost of P.D.W. Maximum Liability
Economy, Sub-Compact, Compact, Intermediate US$15.00 US$900.00
SUV, Minivan, Wagon, Bus, Panel Van, Pick-up Truck US$20.00 US$1,500.00
Premium Sedan, Full-Size Sedan, Large SUV US$30.00 US$3,000.00

*PDW does not cover mats, tyres, rims, hubcaps, tools or keys.


Option 2: Loss Damage Waiver (L.D.W.)

The Loss Damage Waiver (L.D.W.) allows the renter to reduce his/her liability to zero* in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle (any single event). L.D.W. is only applicable to rentals three (3) days and over. Please refer to the table below for cost and liability details.

Vehicle Category Daily Cost of L.D.W. Maxmimum Liability
Economy, Sub-Compact, Compact, Intermediate US$25.00 --
SUV, Minivan, Wagon, Bus, Panel Van, Pick-up Truck US$30.00 --
Premium Sedan, Full-Size Sedan, Large SUV US$40.00 --

*LDW does not cover mats, tyres, rims, hubcaps, tools or keys.

Option 3: Participating Credit Cards

If the renter uses a credit card that offers Motor Insurance Coverage, that includes the island of Jamaica, then he/she may decline the options outlined above and have the vehicle fully covered under the credit card's insurance feature. If you select this option, please obtain verification from your credit card company and provide documentation at the rental counter. Our rental agent will also obtain confirmation at the time of rental.

Third party liability is already covered under the quoted rates.

Can I use my credit card's rental car insurance coverage feature?

Many credit cards do not cover the rental vehicle in Jamaica (as well as Australia, Italy, Israel, Ireland, and New Zealand). However, this varies among issuers. 

If you would like to use your credit card to cover the rental car, we recommend that you contact your bank prior to arriving in Jamaica to determine whether your credit card‘s rental car insurance is valid here. If coverage is applicable to rentals in Jamaica you should bring documentation from your bank to the rental counter so that our representative can confirm the details.

Most credit card issuers require that you decline the rental company's waiver for the credit card insurance to take effect. That said, it is important to consider that if the Avis waiver is declined, the renter is responsible for the full cost of damage to the rental car up to the full value of the vehicle. Our rental agents are not qualified to assess the validity or suitability of any coverage not sold by Avis. As such, we strongly recommend that you fully understand the terms and conditions of any benefit provided by the credit card issuer. If there is a claim for damage/loss, and you intend to use the coverage benefit provided by a card issuer or other approved insurer, you are ultimately responsible for any portion of the claim not settled by the card issuer up to the full value of the vehicle.

Optional Equipment


Our GPS Navigators will help you to find your way around Jamaica with precision and ease. The comprehensive maps on our GPS units include not just roads, but points of interest such as hotels, restaurants, attractions, ATMs, hospitals and so much more.

You can book our GPS units online when booking your rental car, or ask for one at the counter.

Child Safety Seats

Available for infants and toddlers at most locations, Avis offers Child Safety Seats at a usual cost of $5.00/day with a maximum of $25.00/rental. Child safety seats will vary by type and brand depending upon the individual location. 

Child Safety Seats may be offered online at some locations, and the costs included in the Estimated Total. The charge may be confirmed at the rental counter when you pick up your vehicle and will be included in your rental agreement.

Additionally, car seat selection may not be modified online after completing the reservation. If changes are needed after the online reservation has been made, please contact us by phone, or e-mail or to make modifications. Otherwise, modifications may be made at the rental counter.

How do I view, modify or cancel an existing reservation on

On the homepage, select the View/Modify/Cancel link from the Reservations tab at the top of the page. Enter your Last Name and your Reservation Confirmation Number and click the Find Reservation button. 

On the next page, select the link listed next to your reservation to either ViewModify, or Cancel. You will then be able to view your reservation, modify rental details, or cancel the reservation. For those customers that have registered on and have an Avis Profile or an Avis Preferred or other membership, simply use the Login link located at the top navigation of the Home Page. Once you are logged in and on the My Account page, you simply need to click the reservation link.

After any modification or cancellation, Avis sends a confirmation to the e-mail address entered for that reservation.

Does Avis offer one-way rentals?

Avis offers convenient one-way rentals at attractive rates. Pick up a car at one location and return it to another.

A drop-off charge may apply at certain locations and on certain rates. Please see our drop-off fee schedule below:

  Merrick Ave, Kingston Knutsford Blvd., Kingston Norman Manley Int'l Airport, Kingston Sangster Int'l Airport, Montego Bay DaCosta Drive, Ocho Rios
Merrick Ave,
No charge No charge No charge $50 $50
Knutsford Blvd.,
No charge No charge No charge $50 $50
Norman Manley Int'l Airport,
No charge No charge No charge $50 $50
Sangster Int'l Airport,
Montego Bay
$50 $50 $50 No charge $30
DaCosta Drive,
Ocho Rios
$50 $50 $50 $30 No charge


What types of vehicles are in the Avis Jamaica fleet?

Please see our Car Guide.

Can I reserve a particular vehicle?

Each vehicle category consists of various models. However, we are unable to guarantee a specific make, model or color.

Hours of Operation
HEAD OFFICE 1 Merrick Ave,
Kingston 10
8:00AM - 5:00PM
(876) 926-8021
NEW KINGSTON Knutsford Blvd,
Kingston 5
Open every day, incl. Public Holidays
7:00AM - 7:00PM
(876) 906-2847
NORMAN MANLEY INT'L APO Kingston Open every day, incl. Public Holidays
(876) 924-8293
OCHO RIOS 1 DaCosta Drive
Ocho Rios
Open every day, incl. Public Holidays
7:00AM - 7:00PM 
(876) 974-8047
SANGSTER INT'L APO Montego Bay Open every day, incl. Public Holidays
8:00AM - 10:00PM
(876) 952-0762


What taxes are applicable to the rental?

Local Government Tax or Sales Tax, called General Consumption Tax (GCT) in Jamaica is applicable. The tax rate is 16.5%.


You can use an Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) to get discounted rates or special privileges at participating Avis locations. AWD numbers may be found in newspapers, magazines or television ads; by clicking banner ads on Web sites; or on the Avis Jamaica website. If you're a member of an organization or company that partners with Avis, please contact that organization directly and ask whether it has an Avis Worldwide Discount number you may use for your rental.

Enter your AWD in the field labeled "Avis Worldwide Discount Number (AWD) or Rate Code" on the homepage, or during the first step of the reservation process. We'll use the AWD you enter to calculate your rental rate and benefits.

Please bear in mind that some promotions originating outside of Jamaica will not be applicable here.

What do I need to rent a car?

Avis requires that each customer and additional driver meet Avis Jamaica’s minimum age requirement, present a valid driver's license and an acceptable driving record, and present an Avis-honored charge card or cash rental qualification at the time of rental.

The driver's license must be valid at the time of rental, and remain valid throughout the rental period. All drivers must meet Avis' requirements.

Is there an age requirement for renters?

Yes. You must be over the age of 23 years in order to operate the Avis vehicle.

What forms of payment are accepted by Avis Jamaica?

We accept all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Can I add an additional driver to my rental agreement?

You can add an additional driver to your contract, free of charge. In order for us to add the additional driver, this person must be present at our rental counter with his/her driver’s license.

My flight to Jamaica was delayed past Avis' closing time. Will I still be able to rent with Avis?

Yes. If you include your flight information when booking online at and/or contact us to let us know the situation, our rental agents will make arrangements for you.

I need to extend my rental.

Please contact the location from which you collected the rental car, or any of our other locations, and speak to a rental agent.

Please be aware that any changes to your original rental may impact your rate. If you wish to extend any rental once you have picked up your vehicle, in Jamaica you must contact an Avis reservation agent.

Also, if you choose not to return the car on or before your originally scheduled return date, we will place an additional hold on your debit or credit card to cover the additional expected rental charges. Upon your return of the car, the holds will be released, and the actual cost of the rental will be charged. Your bank may take up to two weeks to post the released credit hold to your card. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any returned checks due to debit card hold processing.

Do I need to refuel the Avis vehicle before returning it?

It is our policy to provide the rented vehicle with a full tank of fuel. We recommend that you refuel the Avis car before returning it, because while we do offer a refueling service, it will be at a price higher than at the pump.

Am I responsible for parking tickets and traffic violations?

Please drive safely and observe all ordinances. Rental customers are responsible for payment of any tolls, parking, and moving traffic violations.

I need to return a car, but the Avis location is closed.

If you’re renting from one of our airport locations there will be a key drop box in the rental car return lot. Please park the car in one of the Avis parking spaces and leave the key in the key drop box.

Does Avis offer Roadside Assistance?

Your peace of mind is our peace of mind.

Avis provides complimentary Roadside Assistance in Jamaica. In the unlikely event of operational difficulty or an unexpected emergency Avis is there for you – 24/7. Whether you’ve gotten a flat tyre, locked the keys in the car or need a jump-start, you can count on us.

Please contact us at one of our five (5) locations across the island, or after hours, please dial the emergency number printed on the Avis key ring.

What is the procedure in the case of an accident/damage to the motor vehicle?


First, contact the police (119 for Emergency) if you were involved in an accident with another vehicle or if anyone is injured. Then, contact Avis.

Always come into the office to complete an Avis Accident/Incident Report when the car has been involved in an accident or damaged. Please note: It is a breach of contract to have the Avis vehicle repaired on your own.

If you are covered by your credit card or insurance company (this should have been determined prior to the rental) you may want to contact their customer service department. You do not need to wait to receive our claim documents to report your claim to your personal insurance company and/or Credit Card Company.

The renter is responsible for any and all loss of or damage to the car resulting from any cause including but not limited to collision, rollover, theft, tyre damage and vandalism, medical condition, flood, fire, hurricane or other acts of Nature. If you have accepted an Avis Waiver (PDW or LDW) and there is no breach of contract violation, you will only be responsible for damages of up to (i.e. not exceeding) the amount stated in the respective Waiver terms. Please be reminded that our Waivers (PDW & LDW) do not cover tyres, rims, hubcaps, tools, mats or keys.

Additionally, if you were involved in an accident with another party and we have the other party's contact information, we will pursue them and/or their insurance company for our damages if determined they were at fault. However, our pursuit of the other party does not absolve you from your contractual obligation with Avis.

Other charges that could be incurred by the renter:

Loss of Use - as the renter, you are contractually liable for the loss of the specific vehicle rented as detailed in the rental contract. When our car is unavailable to be rented, Avis is entitled to compensation for such loss.

Administrative Fee - Avis is self-insured and the expense of processing claims is passed on only to the responsible parties involved. Avis has a legal entitlement to return vehicles to pre-accident condition, which includes the indirect damage of expenses related to administering a claim.

How can I get a copy of a receipt from a recent rental?

We made it even easier to get a copy of your rental receipt. You can select Get e-Receipt from the Reservations menu at the top of the navigation on the homepage.

From the Get e-Receipt landing page, follow these steps:

First, select the country in which your reservation was made.

Second, enter one of two numbers that are associated with your rental (either Reservation Confirmation number or Rental Agreement number).

  • Your Reservation Confirmation number is provided to you when your reservation is made. The confirmation number is an 8-digit code followed by two letters and one more number totaling 11 alpha/numeric characters (example: 12345678US1). Your reservation information was sent to your e-mail address, which was identified while your reservation was created.
  • Your Rental Agreement number is on the documents provided to you when you pick up your rental car. This is a nine-digit number, excluding any letters or symbols (example: 123456789).

Please allow up to 7 days from date of vehicle return for a copy of the rental receipt to be available.

I forgot to return the car keys. What do I do now?

Please contact the Avis location to which you returned the rental car and speak to one of our rental agents.

I forgot something in the Avis vehicle. Does Avis have a lost & found?

Please contact the location to which you returned the rental car. Our contact information can be found here. Otherwise, please contact our Head Office at (876) 926-8021 or by e-mail.

Does Avis sell cars?

Yes. Avis sells used cars. Our well-maintained rental fleet is continually being replaced with new cars. Therefore, we can offer a wide selection of used makes and models for sale. For premium cars at great prices, please contact:

Avis Car Sales 

1 Merrick Ave, Kingston 10
Phone: (876) 926 -8021