The vehicle must not be driven or operated by any unauthorized person.

The driver should not be under the age of twenty-one (21) years, and should not drive, operate or use the vehicle if any of the following apply:

  • He/she possesses a revoked, suspended, expired or otherwise invalid license
  • He/she is under the influence of any susbstance which may impair his/her faculties
  • The vehicle is being used to transport people and/or property for compensation
  • The vehicle is being used to transport hazardous or explosive substances
  • The vehicle is being used to give driving lessons
  • The vehicle is being used to propel or tow any vehicle, trailer or other object
  • The vehicle is being used to enter any competitive racing, pace-making or testing event
  • The vehicle is being used in any abusive, reckless, or grossly negligent manner
  • The vehicle is being used beyond its rated capacity with respect to weight/occupancy
  • The vehicle is being used in any illegal activity
  • The vehicle is being used in violation of any parking/traffic rules


If the renter breaches the Rental Agreement by violating any of the conditions or terms of the Agreement, the renter must immediately pay any and all charges including fines, penalties and physical property damage.


It is our policy to provide the rented vehicle with a full tank of fuel. We recommend that you refuel the Avis car before returning it, because while we do offer a refueling service, it will be more expensive than at the pump.

Length of Rental

A rental day is 24 hours. Reservations for less than one day are accepted, however a minimum charge of one day applies to rentals of less than 24 hours. In some cases, a minimum rental period is required for the selected rate to apply. In other cases, a rate may be associated with a minimum charge, which applies even if the car is returned early.

Changes to Reservations

Extending your Rental

Please be aware that any changes to your original rental may impact your rate. If you wish to extend any rental once you have picked up your vehicle you must contact an Avis reservation agent.

Also, if you choose not to return the car on or before your originally scheduled return date, we will place an additional hold on your debit or credit card to cover the additional expected rental charges. Upon your return of the car, the holds will be released, and the actual cost of the rental will be charged. Your bank may take up to two weeks to post the released credit hold to your card. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any returned checks due to debit card hold processing.


Our rental rates include unlimited mileage.

Liability & Optional Coverages

The renter is responsible for the full value of the Avis vehicle. However, you may purchase waivers that reduce your financial liability in the event of loss or damage to the Avis car as long as you comply with the terms of the rental agreement.

PDW (Partial Damage Waiver)

  • This product reduces the renter’s financial responsibility for the rental car in the event of damage due to collision (any single event).
  • PDW cannot be reserved online. Please contact us to add PDW to an existing reservation. Otherwise, PDW may be added at the counter at the time of rental. 
  • A security deposit may be required with purchase of the PDW. The deposit amount is normally held on a credit card or an approved debit card. The cost per day for the PDW and deposit amount may vary depending on the car group rented. Please visit www.avis.com.jm/coverage for cost and other information. 

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

  • Unlike the PDW, which reduces the renter's financial responsibility, the full-coverage LDW relieves customer of all financial responsibility for the rental car in the event of loss or damage due to collision (any single event)
  • LDW may be added to the reservation when booking online. It may also be added at the Avis rental counter. 
  • The daily cost for the LDW varies depending on the car group rented. A credit card authorization/hold of US$200.00 may apply.
  • LDW may only be applied to rentals of three (3) or more days. Please visit www.avis.com.jm/coverage for cost and other details. 

Some credit cards provide insurance coverage, with certain limitations, as a benefit of using the card to rent vehicles.  If using a credit card’s insurance benefit, it is recommended that the customer contact the card issuer before the rental to verify that coverage extends to the island of Jamaica (some cards do not), and also request a Letter of Coverage to be presented at the time of rental.  The rental agent will assist with the process if needed.

The customer is not required to purchase our waivers. However, if the renter does not have acceptable coverage through a credit card or other insurer and declines our waiver, they will be responsible for the full value of damage up to the value of the Avis car. In this case, Avis reserves the right to request as a guarantee, a security deposit or credit card authorization that that may be equal to the value of the car.

Credit Card Policies

Avis Jamaica accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, NCB Keycard and Avis Charge Cards.

A pre-authorization hold is applied to the card at the time of the rental for the rental amount, and for a security deposit, which is normally between US$200.00 and US$3,000.00 depending on the car group rented and coverage option selected.

Please note: While this hold is in place, the funds will not be available for your use.

When the vehicle is returned, the rental amount is settled on the card and the pre-authorization hold is released for the full value of the security deposit provided that the car is refuelled, and returned at the agreed location, date and time. Your amount of "responsibility", if any, may also be settled from the pre-authorization hold amount as specified on the rental agreement e.g. in the case of damage/loss to the car (depending on your coverage selection), if the car is not refuelled or in case of extension of the rental period.

Please note: Avis will process the reversal at the end of the rental, but the bank may take time to post it back to your account. 

Debit Card Policies

Debit cards are accepted provided that the card bears the Visa or Mastercard logo. The name and billing address associated with the debit card must match the information on the renter's government-issued I.D. 

The minimum hold on the debit card will be equal to the NWE (Non-Waivable Excess).

Please note the following exception: In some instances, depending on the bank, the customer may be allowed to settle the rental with a debit card that is not a part of the Visa or Mastercard network. However, these cards may not be used for the security deposit. Additionally, Visa debit cards issued by some Jamaican banks may not be used for the security deposit. It is recommended that you contact the rental location directly ahead of time if you plan to use a debit card.


The owner, Bargain Rent-a- Car (Jamaica) Limited/Avis Jamaica, shall provide liability insurance with minimum limits of coverage as required by Jamaican law and the renter agrees to be bound by the conditions, restrictions and terms of said coverage. However, if the renter is covered by any other insurance, the coverage provided by the owner shall be excess coverage.

Driver's License

At the time of rental, the driver must present a valid driver’s license in the driver’s name from his/her country of residence.  The driver's license must be valid at the time of rental and remain valid throughout the rental period. The initial date of issue must not be less than one year prior to the rental date.

Customers presenting a driver’s license in a non-Roman alphabet must also present an International Driving Permit (IDP) to serve as a translation in addition to their valid driver’s license.

Travel into Other Cities

Cars can be returned to any Avis location in Jamaica.  One-way fees may apply for vehicles rented in one city and returned in another.